Prepare & Send

Premaster Requirements

1. No processing on main output

2. Main output decibel levels peaking at -6db or less

3. Must be of at least 24bit, 44.1Khz WAV quality

4. Double check that you are 100% happy with the premaster and it’s the correct version

Please name premasters and folders in the following format:   PREM

If you have any specifications for your masters (such as how loud you want the track to be) please include a text note in your premaster folder when sending and feel free to include a reference track if you wish (no youtube/soundcloud links please).

Please send all work via (no dropbox/google drive/other) to

Mixdown Requirements

1. No processing on your composition’s main output        

2. Composition’s main output must not exceed 0db

3. All audio tracks must be of at least 24bit 44.1Khz WAV quality

4. Do not bounce/group any tracks together (this will help me achieve better results)

5. Include a full bounce of the composition with no processing on the main output

6. Include a text file explaining the changes and improvements you desire

Please name audio tracks and folders in the following format:mix

Please send all work via (no dropbox/google drive/other) to